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Details like number of toes and their shape can get lost and obscured in the snow.

The first step: determine the main track pattern by following the trail for a bit. Alternating track patterns are common of cats, dogs, elk and deer. Much like us humans, these animals produce a pattern of tracks on the right and tracks on the left with prints alternately spaced. Two-print track patterns are common of mice, tree squirrels, and most members of the weasel family. The tracks are close together, created by the animal leaping off their hind feet, landing with their front feet on or near the tracks created by the hind feet.

Animal Track Identification

There is usually a distinct space between the tracks. The third major track pattern is common to rabbits and other animals who jump or bound. The four-print pattern is just that, four footprints grouped together, followed by a space and another four footprints. Then, think about your surrounding habitat.

Are you in a pine forest or the sagebrush high desert? Are you near water or miles from any water? Surveying your surroundings will help you shorten the list of animals that might have left your tracks. It helps you see the obvious like beaver tracks being found near water.

Finally, take a closer look at the track itself.

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Measure the distance between tracks and the size of the individual track, keeping in mind that tracks in snow are often larger than tracks in mud or sand. In fact, they can get larger as the sun melts the snow! Kevin Regan.

The Civil Wars - Tracks In The Snow | Releases | Discogs

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Identify Animal Tracks | Track Identification Chart

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Strika The First Hundred Seconds overdub Instrumental 3 Thirty-three years will not be a long time Christmas or video. We who are not lonely Tracking shot wide For over twenty years, Mkl Anderson has curated a vast archive of recorded material for his cinematic ritual ambient industrial project, Drekka. He works with memory not only as a subject but also as a healing process, continually delving into this personal world of sound; examining, revisiting, and repurposing recordings in an attempt to recall a past which sings from the darkness surrounding the tenuous provinces of memory and dreams - the real ghosts of time and sound.

Recorded between and , the album showcases Drekka's early exploratory development across a variety of styles. And yet it is also Drekka in the present moment; culled, curated, and assembled with care. As Drekka moved from its Bristol UK influenced space folk beginnings, backwards towards Anderson's earlier UK industrial tape culture foundation, his predilection for reworking pieces over time was emerging; recontextualizing narratives to bring out new truths from one's own history.

This process would become a cornerstone of Anderson's work for the decades to follow. The accompanying video for the track utilizes actual home movie footage of Anderson as a very young boy, fulfilling this longing and adding heart rending weight to the song and its lyrics. It is a brooding work which shows Anderson at his most self-possessed as a songwriter and is a confluence of the earliest playing-and-singing take on Drekka and the cinematic world building soundscapes to come.

The track most certainly points in the direction that Drekka would explore extensively over the two decades; the direction which has led Anderson to where he is now firmly positioned. As he nears completion of the third album in his trilogy of LPs for Dais Records, "No Tracks in the Snow" is an introspective pause and a celebration of a life spent listening to the world around us and its sleeping potential.

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Originally released under the name Vir as a 7" on Drone Records, Jan Produced at Hermitage Studios, B'ton, Recorded at Third Hermitage Floor, Chicago, late Originally recorded for an unrealized compilation on Airborne Virus. Recorded at Third Hermitage Floor, Chicago, Originally released as part of the 'Soundtracks for One-Minute Films' project in , then as a multi-speed lathe-cut 7" vinyl on Morc Records, Apr Design by Drekka for 4K Design.

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