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  2. 29 awesome things Utah is known for
  3. .30-06 Springfield
  4. 2. Being the Gayest City in America

Skullcandy started making quality headphones for the general public years before Beats by Dre came into the game. Photo: Cosmo Spacely. Colonel Sanders initially franchised his chicken recipe to Pete Harman. The rock band post-hardcore, if you prefer hail from Orem, Utah. The Used tend to yell and sing angrily a lot more than The Osmonds….

Appropriately, he played college ball at Brigham Young University. Young ended up with the 49ers as backup to arguably the best quarterback of all time, Joe Montana. Young took over after Montana missed a season due to injury. Number 8 went on to lead the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl victory in It has won several awards, including a silver medal from the North American Brewers Association.

Who knew? Alcohol in Utah has a sad reputation.

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To this day people are under in the misconception that Utah is a dry state. Jon Huntsman Jr.

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By , Utah ceased requiring bars and clubs to charge a membership fee. Huntsman was later tapped by the Obama administration to serve as the ambassador to China, leaving the state in far less capable hands ever since. The self-help phenomenon was written by Utah businessman Stephen R. Photo: Steve Jurvetson. These impressive mountain ranges cover much of northern Utah. The Uinta Mountains are a subrange of the Rocky Mountains and are highest east to west running range in the United States.

The mountain ranges of northern Utah provide ample opportunity for hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, ATVing, and biking. Nolan Bushnell Atari and Chuck E. As for Atari and Chuck E. Another Utah alumni and computer scientist currently heads Pixar, Ed Catmull. Nearly years ago, John Browning began designing firearms in northern Utah.

He revolutionized the world of firearms, for better or worse. Today his designs are still used in a variety of firearms. Utah is so proud of their gun culture they named the Browning model M automatic pistol as the official state firearm in Some may consider this to be a horrible thing Utah has produced, but the most horrible thing to come out of Utah is…. There is a downside of being surrounded on all sides by mountains. Visit our adblocking instructions page.

Prince Harry speaks of 'emotional' journey to Princess Diana's Angolan landmine fields as he retraces steps 22 years on By Robert Mendick.

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  • By Danielle Sheridan. Dominic Cummings: MPs who refuse to accept Leave vote should not be 'surprised' about anger building against them Premium.

    By Christopher Hope. Qandeel Baloch: Pakistan social media star's brother gets life for her 'honour' murder By Reuters. Egypt braces as actor calls for millions to take to the streets against Sisi's rule By Raf Sanchez. UK news Read more. Britain will have toughest trophy hunting rules in the world as Government announces ban of 'morally indefensible' act By Helena Horton. Chip your cats or face fines, owners warned Premium. By Helena Horton. Anti-racism event hosted by Edinburgh University bans white people from asking questions By Auslan Cramb.

    Oxford University to launch parent charm offensive in attempt to woo disadvantaged students Premium. By Camilla Turner. Cops with Tasers turned away from court because of 'security risk' By Martin Evans. The Sussexes' love affair with Africa — and why it was the perfect place to introduce Archie to the world Premium. By Angela Levin. Michael Winner's ex-girlfriend robbed his widow to take 'revenge' over a change in his will, court hears as she is jailed for nearly 10 years By Jamie Johnson.

    World news Read more. Jewish cousins reunited 75 years after fleeing Romania and believing each other killed in Holocaust By Leila Molana-Allen. US news Read more. Could Elizabeth Warren end up the real winner from the Trump impeachment inquiry? By Ben Riley-Smith. Politics Read more. By Amy Jones. By Owen Bennett. I am willing to assume that these readers, who seem to be experienced hunters, know what they are talking about, as far as shooting large animals in the bush is concerned.


    Shooting a charging bear in the woods clearly requires different tactics and ammo than shooting large numbers of unarmed victims at close range in an enclosed space. And the massive number of rounds he was able to fire were the key to killing so many in the crowd in such a short period of time. So I would submit that these reader objections may wll be accurate, but are not relevant to the kinds of incidents you are discussing. Ban or heavily regulate those semi auto rifles?

    Select-fire ones from Mexico will be the replacements, with rocket propelled grenades. Good bad or indifferent, that's the reality.

    29 awesome things Utah is known for

    The list above is, in order, my sympathies towards gun ownership. I believe that shooting is a fun past time that ought to be shared and participated in.

    First look at ALIEN pistol from Laugo Arms

    I believe that when we live in a world where people reasonably do not trust the authority and power of the state and law enforcement, they should be allowed to protect themselves. I used to be in favor of the argument that a free society needed guns. In reverse order, I believe the list above matches the intent of the framers of the Constitution. They were concerned with an overzealous state, and believed that a white man ought to protect himself.

    I am sure they were aware of sport shooting and hunting but I doubt that had anything to do with the right to bear arms. So how did I, a red-blooded veteran who enjoys guns and loves America because of its evangelical mission for freedom, find myself almost at odds with the founders? Really, our only sticking point is point 3 - that guns safeguard liberty. I believe there is legitimacy to this argument. I believe that it is not worth the price of mass shootings. I changed my mind after Newtown, CT.

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    And I will fully admit that after I changed my mind I justified it with the following arguments. The 2nd Amendment was written and ratified when the French were transitioning power to a Constitutional Monarchy - when the idea of sovereignty was still wrapped up in the idea of kingship. When America was a radical idea. When the "Declaration of the Rights of Man" and the "Bill of Rights" were both extreme ideas, and nobody was sure if they'd really be implemented or last. And I still think it's important.

    But it is not limitless, and the founders were wrong that it is "necessary to the security of the state" for citizens' to be able to overthrow their government through violent means. I believe that was their intent. I believe it had has disastrous consequences. I also believe I'm justifying re-interpreting this because of those consequences. So what should we do? You've pointed out before - it's not realistic to remove guns. I don't want us to do that. I believe it's needless and also unfair. But either way it isn't realistic to stop modifiers like "bump stocks" from being taken off the streets.

    It's a burden.

    .30-06 Springfield

    It would make for a safer society. It would sacrifice a bit of liberty. Security and liberty will always be at odds with each other. I'm ok with this.

    2. Being the Gayest City in America

    Overall: you can argue about exactly how deadly the AR is, but indisputably it is lethal enough. You can argue about when exactly it first got into civilian hands, but with at least five million now owned by Americans other than the military, it is certainly widespread to a degree none of its designers foresaw. Her Instagram account reads like Brideshead Revisited meets Twilight meets Vanity Fair magazine circa , when greed was good and having money was a golden superpower. Let us begin with the 45 servings of eggplant salad made in the tiny kitchen of a studio apartment in Greenwich Village, transported to a Brooklyn loft, and served as a homemade lunch to ticketed guests.

    It was so tasty that many people asked for—and were generously given, at no extra cost—second helpings. If you are running a short con that involves driving eggplant salad to another borough, you might as well find honest work, because you lack the grifter mentality. The majority of her followers are young white women, a demographic not underrepresented in the world of media, and so—improbably enough—this micro-event was covered just about everywhere, including in The New York Times, The Washington Post , NBC, you name it.

    It will allways afford me pleasure I assure you, to hear from you.