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She is busy and eager to explore with Grandma, but from dawn to dusk, she thinks about—and misses— her mama at home. Hands-on activities and elementary concepts of time and routines expand this picture book. Yang-sook Choi won the grand prize in the Publishers Art Competition. Who Eats First? Ae-hae Yoon Illustrations by Hae-won Yang This colorful, creative book helps children understand math by teaching classification, organizing data, and predicting future outcomes.

All of them are hungry and want to gobble it up. Maybe Gator will be first because his mouth is so big. Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to classifying and placing in order as well as organizing data and measuring expand this lighthearted story about friendship—and competition. Math at the Art Museum Group Majoongmul Illustrations by Yun-ju Kim This charming and colorful book incorporates mathematical concepts by introducing children to a fresh perspective on math through art.

But when the boy explores paintings and other masterpieces with his sister and their parents, he begins to understand there is math in art, both hidden and visible.

Uirapurú - Based on a Brazilian legend

He sees, too, that math in art is brilliant— and beautiful! Hands-on activities and elementary mathematical concepts that relate to perspective, composition, symmetry, patterns, and other elements in artwork turn exploring art into an eye-opening adventure. They are based in Seoul, South Korea. Yun-ju Kim studied illustration in London and teaches at the university level. The sounds remind him of a time long ago, when as a young boy he had listened happily to birdsong. The carpenter quickly gets to work on a surprise that delights him and the birds—and soon they are they are all singing together!

Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to addition and multiplication are illuminated in this gentle story that celebrates nature as well as creativity. Ju-kyoung Kim is the illustrator of several picture books. But with a plan, lots of effort, and teamwork, they cook up a delicious celebration with all their friends—and Ruffer has more fun than anyone!

Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to numbers and operations, including addition and subtraction, expand this story about a pair of clever and resourceful friends. Min-jung Kim has a degree in illustration from Induk University in Seoul, South Korea, and has illustrated many books for children. Daily chores and seasonal activities become infused with special meaning when they are performed by this adorable creature.

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Kuma-Kuma Chan goes about his days in contented solitude, engaged in activities such as eating breakfast, gazing at clouds, listening to the rain, writing letters, and wondering where to go with his new bag. At night he watches the sky darken and brushes his teeth before bed. He gardens in the spring, trims his hair in summer, composes a love song in the fall, and seeks a warm, sunny spot on the floor in the winter. Children and adults alike will take delight in repeating aloud the name of their new, steadfast storybook friend and look forward to spending more time in his imagined world.

Timothy and Sarah: The Homemade Cake Contest Midori Basho A tale of civic action among a town of mice teaches lessons about teamwork, initiative, good sportsmanship, and the importance of relationships between old and young When Miss Flora visits the home of twins Timothy and Sarah, she laments to their mother that a building that was once a vibrant gathering place for the entire town is now dilapidated and considered by many to be haunted.

Together, Mother and Miss Flora come up with a plan to hold a cake-baking contest to generate the money needed to refurbish the building. As news of the contest spreads throughout the town, everyone from young to old responds with enthusiasm.

When the day of the contest arrives, beautiful cakes of all shapes, sizes, and flavors are ready to be judged and then sold. Young listeners and readers delight to the fantastic cakes as well as to the surprising results of the contest. The Homemade Cake Contest is the first English translation of her work. Looking for food he comes to a village where he repeatedly steals food and creates other mischief, constantly evading the angry villagers.

One day Gon steals an eel in front of Hyoju, which he wanted to give to his sick old mother. Afterwards, Gon only gives mushrooms and nuts he collected in the forest. Hyoju is grateful for the gifts, although he does not know where they come from. One day, Hyoju sees the fox sneaking around, and shoots him to death out of anger about the death of his mother, only afterwards realizing to his horror that the fox had been giving him the gifts all along. Pakkun the Wolf and His Dinosaur Friends Yasuko Kimura Children will enjoy choosing their favorite from this variety of cute, illustrated dinosaurs Pakkun goes after an egg that fell into a hole, and it leads to the world of dinosaurs! Ebooks and Manuals

He meets various dinosaurs and asks about the egg. Will he find it? So he climbs in his time machine with only a scooter, some cakes, and tasty doughnuts to aid him in his quest. When he arrives in long, long ago he spies a dragon straight away—or does he? This funny adventure story is a perfect rhyming picture book read for boys and girls. Adam Guillain is the author of the Bella Balistica series.

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But there is one missing Little Something. No one knows where Little Hogwash can be. So everybody searches for him. Meanwhile, Big Something Trunky puts the finishing touches onto the scooter he is converting for the trip. The Little Somethings combine the collectability of the Mr. Men with the charm and appeal of classic picture book characters. Children will have fun pointing out the different characters with the Spotters Guide and enjoy the Something Missing game. His Kipper stories are the basis of a television show that was hailed by Parenting Magazine as a Top 10 show for children under five.

Cuddle up with Kipper! Kipper and Arthur are talking about baby animals. A baby owl must be an owlet, so a baby frog is a froglet and a baby hedgehog can only be a hoglet. But what is a baby dog called? A charming tale about animals, and growing up. Kipper is a bestselling classic character who has been in print for more than 20 years, and this lovely anniversary edition is a perfect gift for an imaginative child.

His blanket is smelly and disgusting.

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But can Kipper find a better place to sleep? He tries a flowerpot like a bird, a nest like a squirrel, and a lily pad like a frog, but nothing seems quite as good as his old, worn basket and his lovely smelly blanket. He manages to keep to this for a whole month, but in February it snows! This wonderful picture book explores the fun that Kipper and Tiger have every month of the year, through the photos that Kipper takes.

Kipper is worried.

Someone or something has nibbled a hole in his toybox. When Kipper identifies the culprit he thinks his troubles are over—but they are only just beginning!

Rhyming Children’s Books: Crissy the Crying Crocodile [Fully Illustrated]

Presents, or expecting presents? The text is soft-boiled, written out as if with a pencil, in large clear letters that children will be able to pick out and identify. Each volume is short and sweet. A REAL toucan.

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How will Wibbly and his friends ever get Tooky home? His Wibbly Pig stories are the basis of a television show that airs on Sprout. Again and again she mines familiar plots and transforms them into pure gold. The illustrations will help children to recognize letter sounds and shapes. Each page has clear capital and lower case letters which are easy and fun to learn.

The recognizable characters and inimitable style make learning the alphabet easy and enjoyable for young children. Alfie and Annie Rose make two, and take you on a journey all the way to Alfie has been charming children and parents for generations, but this is his very first Christmas. A perfect gift, this beautiful storybook invites young readers to join Alfie and Annie Rose for Christmas, and covers every Christmas milestone. Alfie opens his advent calendar and makes cards and presents, he sings carols and decorates the tree, and he writes a special letter to Father Christmas.

What will Father Christmas bring on Christmas Day?