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My advice is similarly frustrating. Strategies to prevent shields dropping are as numerous as the reasons shields drop in the first place. It happens. Two months ago, someone told them their project was likely to be canceled. When she got the promotion she deserved, it was too late.

I forgot there is signal even in gossip. Every moment as a leader is an opportunity to either strengthen or weaken shields. Every single moment. Your email address will not be published.

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Thank you for this insightful essay. It exposes the truth about these departures, which usually gets buried—unexamined—in the optimistic transition to the new gig.

Which — how do you combat that? Is it possible to shield your people from being manipulated in this way at all? My shields down moment happened when the State of Kansas decided that it was going to furlough employees. I never heard him directly or indirectly go to bat for us on anything. In a team, the manager needs to manage, lead, let the talent do what it does and trust that everyone is here because they wanted to be here, and they wanted to do the job.

Compensation ranges from one month to three months. You at least care.


I create the agenda and manage him. I have a 30 minute with my second level once a year, and you can certainly guess how much communication occurs. Retirement is on the horizon. Why not leave now? Golden handcuffs and age. I will say I am fairly compensated. Also, no one wants old people. They want nothing more than that. Very nice article.

IMO, Their private dreams should be encouraged — and the company expose pathways of advancement and growth not just within their walls but within their industry. All of the same management behaviors would be promoted, but the parting words would be made more obviously less final — an invitation for future contact. Why do people think turnover is so bad? Hi Rands, I really like your blog. I think it touches on a lot of struggles in the startup universe.

But when I read the above something bothers me. In startup land we talk about disruptors vs incumbents. In real estate we talk about market forces setting the price of rents. Can we believe in the good of disruptive innovation, without believing in disrupting our own individual jobs?

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Please keep thinking, please keep considering possibilities. This post is really scarry. My shield dropped when people on my project started having meetings without inviting me. I know the exact moment my shield went down and I completely lost trust in my manager. A new initiative was started and a lot of people were hired.

I had mentioned I am very much interested in moving to the new project. No difference in task allocations after that. Only assurances. The second time I hinted I might quit, the response was no one is irreplacable — which I believe is true.

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Everyone around me was getting amazing projects to work on whereas me and a couple of engineers have been taking one for the team for more than a year now. The project or the interesting work has been almost completed and if I was to pick it up now, it would be fixing bugs in the code others have written all over again.

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I just resigned and they tried very hard to get me to stay with all kinds of promises. Once bitten, twice shy. But I learned a lot from my manager about how not to lead a team. It is like getting an electric bill once a year. It is really sad.

Reeler's Shield | Mineral Based Natural Sunscreen

They need to do that once a quarter. They need to not book-cook the test. They need to actually anonymize the answers because nobody trusts the company store to give a fair price. I had a game changer scenario like this at one time in my career. Silicon Valley was growing too fast and it was rush, rush, rush. I knew I could not afford a house in Silicon Valley. Even though I was never compensated enough, I still liked working with my hands and never wanted a management job, which was the reward for doing your job well and I had several management jobs waiting, if I wanted to have one.

Then, out of the blue, a perfect job was offered that appeared that would solve all my misgivings. The job was in the upper mid West, would get a house and start a family and would use all my learned knowledge to the max. A VP was flown out from the East Coast to persuade me to stay. You are correct. I had taught for forty years and had retired. I wanted to get a motorcycle and my wife said ok, but you need to get a part time job and more life insurance.

I applied to a large department store. I was hired and asked to go to some formal training. The training was given by a Presenter…not a lecturer or better a teacher. A blatant error was the non-capitalization of Bernice Bishop Museum. I mentioned this to the presenter and she said ok she would see if it could get fixed.?

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Upon starting work I was assigned with other coworkers to give out bonus rewards to customers that spent x amount of money. The directions that were written were hard for the coworkers to understand. I wrote some helpful directions and circled the keywords to the appropriate symbols and illustrations. The coworkers and others said it made it easier for them to understand the operation. I went to the 2 person in charge and showed him the possible new revisions.

I looked up and saw a deer in the headlights. I apologized and stepped out of the room. She was embarrassed I felt bad. Next because when given an assignment I performed well I kept getting more and more. This is a major problem in most companies. They continue to pile on extra work to those capable and willing with saying or paying thank you. Sooner or later this will wear on a worker. This company hires mostly part-time workers and this causes rumors of reduction of force, pay inequities and lack of teamwork.

Then there was the evaluation process.