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Having read Obama's two books fairly carefully and having studied all of the President's speeches since , I conclude that Sharma's volume trumps all others that are currently out. The concept of a global President is fleshed out with considerable detail and conceptual exploration; it is not simply asserted as some journalists have. The analytic lines of this book run deep and the narrative sometimes moves into a level of artistic brilliance.

In the complex and multi-cultural identity that is Barack Obama, Americans may find new clues about who they are now and what America itself may come to mean in the 21st century. McAdams, Author of George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream. We are all products of our life experiences. Sharma helps us understand the impact of the compelling life experiences that made the man who is now our President. Its vivid glimpses of his life in Jakarta and Honolulu, and its portraits of his relationships in these places, answer questions raised by previous accounts and make better sense of the man who became, as Sharma calls him, our 'first global president'.

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In this biography, Obama's key relationships with mother, his grandmother, his stepfather, and his absent biological father are examined in both factual and psychological detail to show how Obama constructed his own life from the life experiences that made him President and the global man that he is today. Special attention is given to Obama's formation of identity, the well known developmental concept of the renowned psychoanalyst Erik Erikson.

Given the complexities of his multicultural upbringing in a non-nuclear or non-traditional family structure, the formation of Obama's sense of place and cultural context is captured in great detail. The result of Dinesh Sharma's far-reaching and penetrating portrait makes one feel a great sense of congruence and parallelism between the multiple and multilayered geographical, cultural, and interpersonal forces that shaped President Obama and his pivotal role as President of the United States in these complex, global, and challenging times we live in today.

Dinesh Sharma has produced a masterful analysis of Barack Obama's psychosocial journey from his early identification as Barry, a young boy attempting to define himself, to a sophisticated world leader and America's first African-American president.

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Sharma's training and scholarship as a cross-cultural psychologist coupled with his own cross-cultural roots has given him an implicit understanding of both the benefits Obama has gleaned and challenges he has faced as a multicultural person with African ancestry.

Insightfully commingling relevant theory and research, politico-historical data, and first-hand accounts from primary sources, Sharma has contributed an exhaustive depiction of Obama's evolution.

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Sharma has chosen the important task of showing us how Obama's thinking arose on a global scale. He gives us a picture of Obama in Java, where his step-father introduces him to many things, for example, that life is tough for many people.

Obama also learns that there are many types of Islam and most are benign. Sharma also introduces us to Obama's strong-minded Grandmother who, with just a high school education became the first woman to become a Vice-President in a Hawaiian Bank, where she literally wrote the book on escrow.

Barack Obama in Hawai'i and Indonesia : the making of a global president

He also analyzes the impact that his mother had on him. She has been described as a pragmatic idealist who implemented social reform not just in Java or even in Indonesia but in other Southeast Asian countries and Pakistan and Kenya, best known for her work on micro-credits for women. These are some of the influences which make him truly a Global President.

Libraries Unlimited. Need Help? One of the more interesting and eloquent biographies on Barack Obama published to date, this book takes a unique perspective on the man and the president. As Obama proceeds through his childhood and young adulthood, his struggles to find his unique voice while coming to terms with the death of his mythologized, absent father shape Obama into the populist champion that he ultimately becomes.

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Sharma argues that this unique socialization well-detailed in the book has prepared Obama to lead the United States to a rebirth in an increasingly global world. It is here, Sharma argues, that Obama began to shape his uniquely multicultural perspective. Finding his way in a predominantly Muslim country that was only beginning to emerge on the world stage, Obama learns the benefits of compromise and cultural relativism—traits that will serve him well in later roles as a community organizer, senator, and president.

The identity transition becomes complete only when Obama moves to the mainland and discovers that his father has perished in a car accident. Sharma suggests this is a hybrid identity that has prepared Obama to take the reins of a changing United States.

A multicultural president

At times, however, the book becomes an Obama apology. Several times, the book loses focus from the developmental psychology perspective that it takes and sneaks in an evident bias that detracts from the broader message. In its place, the author spends time dismissing canards.

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